Muswell Hill Press - Mission Statement

Muswell Hill Press (MHP) publishes concise, authoritative and contemporary publications on medicine, health and psychology. Our publications are written in readable, non technical language to inform the interested layperson as well as professionals.

MHP was founded by professionals from publishing and medicine to cater for a market which we consider to be poorly served; the enquiring reader seeking digestible information of the highest standard by medical and scientific experts.

MHP publications seek to go “beyond the evidence base” by providing a balanced interpretation of scientific evidence, clinical experience, contemporary wisdom and sometimes the controversial cutting edge.

We are publishing a new cohort of authors who are deeply immersed in their chosen field and have a significant and original contribution to make. We hope to attract those who may have felt previously daunted by the challenges of writing and publishing in traditional format and who will benefit from a light footed and versatile publishing approach.

MHP publishes and prints books on both sides of the Atlantic.  We have a partnership with State University New York press - SUNY for marketing and distribution in North America as well as global distribution networks for books where there is sufficient demand.

All our publications are available for use in all hand held eBook devices. The value for money and ease of purchase inherent in eBooks will see exponential growth particularly as the technology improves and new hardware becomes more widely available.  Ebooks will develop significant advantages over print versions such as hyperlinks to references and multimedia format.

We believe that authors will also find advantages in the electronic format which serves a global market and favors flexibility with ease of updating future editions and keeping abreast of advances in medicine and publishing technology. The immediacy of this media allows for a rapid turnaround from manuscript to published eBook, without sacrificing content quality.  The cost savings inherent in the electronic format makes it commercially viable to produce concise publications, bringing greater variety of content to the global market.  

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