Stormy Lives: A Journey through Personality Disorder

Stormy Lives: A Journey through Personality Disorder

ISBN: 9781908995162
April 2016
RRP: £16.95

About the Book

Stormy moods, difficult relationships, self-harm, depression, underperforming, family and friends at their wits end, no one seems able to help. These are the hallmarks of personality disorder. But according to Dr Lee:

  • It’s not your fault?
  • There are treatments for your condition?
  • But the treatment is only effective if you work at it

Dr Tennyson Lee draws on his extensive experience as a clinical psychiatrist to provide a fascinating, engaging and jargon free account of the personality disorders and their treatments. In a work of great humanity and clarity, illustrated by case vignettes, the author explains:

  • What exactly is a personality disorder??
  • What are the causes??
  • What are the different types of personality disorder?
  • What happens in treatment??
  • How can family and friends best be of assistance??
  • How will treatment help?

 This book is essential reading for anyone considering treatment and for those working or studying in mental health. 


About the Author

Dr Tennyson Lee is a Consultant Psychiatrist in Psychotherapy at the Deancross Centre for treatment of personality disorders in east London, UK 


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