Where Shamans Go: Journeys Into Extra-Ordinary Reality

Where Shamans Go: Journeys Into Extra-Ordinary Reality

ISBN: 9781908995131
Janaury 2016
RRP: £16.95

About the Book

Modern shamans still walk between the worlds as they have done since the earliest days of our species. More and more of us are rediscovering how modern shamanic methods can positively affect our own lives and offer a spiritual practice that is free of religious beliefs or theological doctrine.

Drawing on her many years experience as a shamanic practitioner, Dr Zoe Bran explores the fascinating story of how shamanism can be of benefit individually, socially and ecologically while potentially revealing the nature of Spirit itself and exploring the great questions of life and death.

Where Shaman’s Go provides a practical, authoritative and engaging account of contemporary shamanism for anyone interested in learning more about this oldest of spiritual practices and its role in the 21st-century. This modern approach to an ancient spiritual technology is explained in everyday language to demonstrate its use and extraordinary power.


About the Author

Zoe Bran PhD is an author of travel and historical books who has worked and taught for many years as a shamanic practitioner in London

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