Pilates and Parkinson’s

Pilates and Parkinson’s

ISBN: 9781908995179
August 2016
RRP: £10.95

About the Book

A book such as this could not be timelier both for people with Parkinson’s, and for Pilates Instructors as a method of promoting exercise and health intervention.

With the increase in journal publications, conference presentations and practice guidelines advocating ‘exercise’ as a means of slowing the progression of Parkinson’s, or for optimising mobility, it is highly beneficial to have a book about Pilates that is specific to this neurological condition.

Physiotherapist Sarah and Pilates instructor Karen use Pilates alongside their clinical work, and have many years experience managing the distinctive but regularly experienced difficulties clients with Parkinson’s present to them. Their knowledge and skills from a professional perspective as movement specialists has enabled them to focus on such reported issues and inform the content of this book in a meaningful way.

The book is well structured. It leads the reader through a historical journey about Pilates, then onto a theoretical understanding necessary for a person using Pilates to carry out an intended programme, and finally onto applied elements of practicing Pilates exercises.

The book would be an excellent and complimentary companion for any person with Parkinson’s interested in taking up a Pilates programme under the supervision of
a Pilates Instructor. For those already familiar with, and practicing Pilates, it offers variations and progressions of exercises the reader may already be performing. And finally, it could be very educational to a Pilates Instructor who sees someone with Parkinson’s in his or her daily work.


Chartered Physiotherapist and qualified Fitness Instructor 


About the Author

Sarah Sessa is a physio- therapist and Pilates Instructor. She qualified as a physiotherapist from University College London in 1995 and went on to specialise in neuro-rehabiliation, oncology and palliative care. Sarah has been involved with clients with Parkinson’s since 1995 providing rehabilitation, exercise programmes and more recently, Pilates.

After a career as a professional ballet dancer Karen Pearce trained as a Pilates Instructor in 2000 and is also qualified to teach matwork and machines. She has a particular interest in rehabilitation Pilates. 


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