The Ways of the Soul. A Psychiatrist Reflects: Essays on Life, Death and Beyond

The Ways of the Soul. A Psychiatrist Reflects: Essays on Life, Death and Beyond

ISBN: 9781908995230
October 2017
RRP: £16.95

About the Book

In pursuit of scientific credibility, psychiatry has neglected the spiritual dimension. Yet psychiatrists are daily confronted by problems of meaning and purpose that neither medical nor psychological treatments alone can relieve. In each of us, however, there is a spiritual resource that helps overcome emotional distress and encourages us to serve life in our own unique and creative way.

In this work of great humanity that takes us far beyond the prevailing medical model, Dr Andrew Powell shows how we can draw on the wisdom of the soul to awaken love and confer healing on heart and mind.

‘Andrew Powell has written a wise and compassionate book which seeks to put the soul back into psychiatry. He shows that spirituality is not an optional extra in psychiatry but at the heart of good clinical practice. Readable and insightful, this volume is recommended for all those concerned to reunite care for the soul with care for mind and body’. The Rev. Professor Christopher Cook, Professor of Spirituality, Theology and Health, Durham University, UK, and Honorary Consultant Psychiatrist.

‘Andrew Powell has succeeded in honouring the spiritual dimension of the psyche as fundamental to psychiatric and psychotherapeutic treatment. He does this in a very human way that is easy to relate to and understand. This is an important step in refocussing clinical treatment on a more balanced and whole approach. Highly recommended’. Dr Nigel Hamilton, Director, the Centre for Counselling and Psychotherapy Education, UK. 


About the Author

Dr Andrew Powell held academic and NHS consultant posts in psychiatry and psychotherapy in London and Oxford for over 20 years. He is co-editor of Spirituality and Psychiatry (2009) and Spirituality and Narrative in Psychiatric Practice: Stories of Mind and Soul (2016) published by the Royal College of Psychiatrists, and is Founding Chair of the College’s Spirituality and Psychiatry Special Interest Group. 


Complete Table of Contents





1. The Soul of the Newborn Child

2. Soul Consciousness and Human Suffering: Psychotherapeutic Approaches to Healing

3. Beyond Space and Time – The Unbounded Psyche

4. The Unquiet Self and the Search for Peace

5. Spirituality and Science: A Personal View

6. Psychosocial Implications of the Shadow

7. Putting the Soul into Psychiatry

8. Good and Evil – A Psychiatrist’s Perspective

9. Mental Health and Spirituality

10. Consciousness at Transcends Space-Time: Its Significance for the Therapeutic Process

11. Psychiatry and Spirit Release Therapy

12. Varieties of Love and the Near-Life Experience

13. Spirituality, Healing and the Mind

14. Death and Soul Consciousness

15. Spirituality and Later Life – A Personal Perspective





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